Hull Bottom Cleaning

Bottom preparation is a harsh, dirty and physically demanding job.

Depending on the condition of the hull after hauling and water pressure wash, many times the old paint has to be removed in order to prepare the hull to guarantee that the new paint will adhere properly when applied .

Sanding off antifouling paint in open air is prohibited by regulations in most counties.

The biocides and heavy metals used on those paints may be a health hazard if not disposed of properly.

We are using new technologies where the surface preparation is done using dustless wet blasting technology, the residues are gravity precipitated by the wet abrasive.

The grade of abrasion is controlled by the grit of the media and the output pressure.

Using our technology a bottom is prepared in hours instead of days. The preparation quality is outstanding and the benefit is the bottom paint smoothness. No more sanding, no more uneven surfaces due to sanding scratches on the primer and gelcoat.

Our technology allows to strip off only the bottom paint and growth without affecting the epoxy primer, or if desired, strip off everything to the bare gelcoat in one step to grit 40 finish. Just ready to prime again.